At Age 79 Ras Michael Drops New Album, Jah Love and Instagram Show

At Age 79 Ras Michael Drops New Album, Jah Love
Ras Michael

by Howard Campbell

[CALIFORNIA] –¬†At 79 years-old when many of his contemporaries have either died or given up making fresh music, Ras Michael reaches out to fans with a new album and Instagram show.

‘Jah Love’, the Rastafarian singer/traditional drummer’s latest album, came out in January, days after his birthday. Around the same time, his I Am Ras Michael Instagram show debuted.

Commitment to the Rastafarian Faith

On both, Ras Michael reaffirms his commitment to the Rastafarian faith and roots music. That has been his way of life since the early 1960s.

“On the show I talk about the Church and the values of togetherness. I talk about God, His Majesty (Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I) and how he is the prophetical king,” said Ras Michael, who presents the hour-long show three times a week.

New Album ‘Jah Love’

Jah Love hears him working again with American multi-instrumentalist Steve Verhault, whom he has known for over 30 years. Ras Michael retains his patented drumming while playing “different patterns” to attract new ears to his music.

He and Verhault co-produced the album which comes over 50 years after Ras Michael formed The Sons of Negus band in Kingston. That group had a number of hit songs including New Name and None A Jah Jah Children No Cry.

Their sound, steeped in Rasta and the teachings of Haile Selassie I, made Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus world-famous.

For the past 30-odd years, the Rastafarian Elder has lived in Southern California, doing community service, writing and recording songs and spreading the word of Rasta.

His Instagram show aired 56 years after he made his radio debut on the state-run Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation. That earned Ras Michael the distinction of being the first Rastafarian with a program on Jamaican airwaves.

Technologically, the mediums may be different but the message is consistent.

“Anyone listening will understand that the Rastafarian people are Christians…we are not a cult. And that’s important,” said Ras Michael.


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