Assault Weapons – Laws and Weapons Charges

Assault Weapons - Laws and Weapons Charges

The gun laws of Nevada do not specify “Assault Weapon” and the laws here also do not prohibit the use of a certain weapon by the people, who are legally allowed to own weapons under the Nevada Gun Laws.

But on the other hand, federal laws prohibit the keeping of machine guns. The law only allows the transfer of machine guns lawfully owned before May 19, 1986. This transfer will need to be approved by the ATF. And so a considerable amount of machine guns are still in circulation.

You can be charged according to federal laws for possessing an illegal machine gun. You can be punished with 10 years of prison time and/or a fine of up to $250,000.

It is in the American spirit to exercise the right of keeping and bearing weapons. But sometimes mishaps occur and you might find yourself facing legal trouble such as weapons charges. 

The charges can apply to felons because they are not allowed to possess weapons. Secondly, to people carrying concealed weapons because in Nevada a license is required for concealed carrying. Lastly, gun possession can increase the penalties for other criminal activities and you will also be booked for weapons charges. 

If you happen to find yourself in legal trouble regarding arms you can contact a Las Vegas weapon charges attorney to get your case resolved.

Machine Guns and Semi-Automatics

A machine gun is a military weapon that can fire automatically. It would continue to fire until it had used all of the ammunition rounds. So the user only has to press the trigger and hold it. 

On the other hand, semi-automatic guns will reload automatically but the trigger will need to be pulled each time you want to fire around. These weapons are known for spray firing because they shoot in intervals.

The Implications Of These Weapons On Society

The availability of these weapons has affected American society in many ways. On one hand, the 2nd amendment gives the right of keeping and bearing arms to people. It allows the citizens to possess weapons to safeguard their liberties. 

Then some activists and organizations are calling for gun law reforms. The ease of obtaining a gun has made it easy for the mentally ill and delusional people to go on shooting sprees. They can go and kill innocent people without any reason. There has been a debate going on because mass shootings have become a common happening in the past two decades. 

The legal age specified by federal law to possess a handgun is 18 and above but there is no minimum age specified for long guns. And so some states have an age limit as low as 14 to own a long gun.

Questions are being raised on these low age limits. Public opinion is against these because these laws are a catalyst in exposing children to violence and making them extremist. With the rise in white nationalism and extremist tendencies in far-right groups, the recruiting of new members is mostly done among younger people.

The need of the hour is to tackle these issues with self-analysis because at the end of the day we all are fellow countrymen and we should take into account the concern of others as well.



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