Antigua’s Reggae Ambassador Causion has a New Zest for Live

Antigua’s Reggae Ambassador Causion has a New Zest for Live

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – Many people descend into depression once they get a cancer diagnosis. But 20 months ago when Causion got news that he had Stage 3 colon cancer, the singer was positive.

“When they came in and told me I was very relaxed. I just simply said, ‘Father, I’ll leave it in your hands and you guide me’,” he recalled.

On June 20, Father’s Day, the Antiguan singer leads a concert that encourages persons, especially Caribbean men, to get tested for various forms of cancer.

The event will be broadcast on his Youtube channel.

He will be accompanied by Anthony Malvo, Lee Kelly and The Lee Kelly Band, as well as Richard Daley and AJ Brown of the Third World band.

Causion turns 54 on June 24. He had never done a colonoscopy prior to November, 2019 when he was diagnosed; there were no significant warning signs.

Which is why he is reaching out to his Caribbean brothers, in particular.

“What we are trying to do is draw awareness. We as Caribbean men neglect the most important thing and that’s our health. Without health, we have nothing,” he said.

Causion has done five colonoscopies since his diagnosis. He has taken a holistic approach to improving his health, bypassing chemotherapy which he says badly affected his mother when she was treated for colon cancer.

His mother succumbed to the disease; Causion’s father, a heavy smoker, died from lung cancer.

Born Gregory Bailey, Causion has been a fixture on the South Florida reggae scene for over 25 years. He has five albums to his credit and has toured on several occasions with Third World.

Though he consults his doctors regularly, he credits resilience and faith for keeping him alive.

“My zest for life has grown. I want to live,” said Causion.


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