Anita Baker Original Shoots Trinidad Born Singer, Keturah Gamba Into The Spotlight

Keturah Gamba
Keturah Gamba

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad – Ever heard of someone whose love life or lack of such propelled them to write lyrics that would become masterful songs? This is the story of a Caribbean singer/songwriter who’s certainly on the rise. She says her journey has been compounded by the fact that she’s had a bit of a bad-luck streak on the love circuit and as such she’s chosen to express her feelings the best way she knows how- through music. Keturah Gamba is no ordinary singer and the world will come to understand that everything she touches or sings for that matter, will eventually become anthems for the world to sing along to. She believes it’s just a matter of time.

A singer all her life she attests, the Trinidad and Tobago native has released an Anita Baker original that dates back to August 1986. The cover version of the very powerful single that was Baker’s second single off her critically acclaimed second album, “Rapture”, has been making the rounds and receiving the nod of approval. “I released a reggae remixed cover version of ‘Sweet Love’ and it’s been getting good airplay here at home in Trinidad. It’s been playing on Boomchampions 94.1FM, Ebony 104 and Power 102.1FM,” she said, expressing her desire to market the track to wider audiences. She however assured that more music is on the way. “I’m currently working on a song called, ‘Lonely,’ which I composed. It was produced by PengCo Music,” she explained. Randal Alexander of PengCo Music has been known to bring to the fore, many budding singers, offering them the guidance needed to fulfill their dreams. Keturah is one such person.

With a strong musical background that started in church, the talented vocalist says she’s made up her mind to go all the way with her music. “I’ve really been singing all my life in church but I think it’s time for the world at large to hear just what I have to offer,” she said.  With an open mind to delivering various genres, Gamba says she’s a fan of EDM (electronic dance music), R&B and alternative music as well. Speaking about her new single, “Lonely,” which is set for release soon, the Caribbean songbird says the poetic lyrics are all about love. “I’m a sucker for romance but I haven’t been very lucky in that department so I write about love. That’s how I choose to express my feelings,” she admitted.

Keturah Gamba promises that she has something special to offer; so much so that she’s pushing hard with her marketing and branding efforts. “I encourage people to get to know me and the music I bring. For starters they can check out my social media pages at Keturah Gamba on Facebook, @GambaKeturah on Twitter and @iamketurah1 on Instagram,” she urged.


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