An Ounce of Prevention: A lifeline Especially for Men

Dr. Anthony Vendryes
Dr. Anthony Vendryes

Montego Bay, Jamaica – Dr. Tony Vendryes’ latest book entitled “An Ounce of Prevention Mainly for Men” has just been released.

The author writes a winning introduction wherein he gives credence to the discipline of writing a weekly column entitled An Ounce of Prevention on the healthy lifestyle for over fifteen years. Vendryes skillfully weaves relevant pre-existent topics along with new subjects in five interesting sections namely: Healthy Ideas, Healing Agents, Danger Areas, Common Complaints and Male Issues covering up to 100 subjects.

In the introduction the author quotes Ben Greenstein author of the book The Fragile Male in referring to today’s beleaguered male of whom The Center for Disease Control (USA) states is “worse off than women on almost every account when it comes to health status and lifestyle habits. They have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and heart disease, and of suffering a heart attack or stroke.”

Vendryes takes the men by the hand and leading them “to water,” offers them a balm, a chance at finding the Tony Vendryesfountain of youth. The book explicitly teaches men what they need to know to prevent disease in order to live a long healthy life. In this way, the male species through choosing prevention, would avoid the statistics of death from heart disease, cancer, strokes, chronic lung disorders, infections and diabetes.  In Section 5 – Male Issues – Sex and the Ageing Male. The author begins the section with a quote that seems to settle a score and puts the males at ease right off the wicket. He states “Perhaps the most important ingredient for a fulfilling sex life is the ability to satisfy your partner, and that does not necessarily require peak sexual performance.” This is by far is the most physically arousing chapter.

From introduction to appendices the preventative book mainly for men and the women who care for them is a compendium of valuable information from A-Z.  Appetite Control to Zinc, a wonder mineral with special significance for male health. Research done by Sweden soon to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests men who drink a lot of soft and sugary drinks will have a 40% risk of developing what disease? Read the book to find out.  This encyclopedic book mainly for men would make an excellent gift for readers and their loved ones.

Section 6 includes extra added features found in the appendices, which offer Low Carbohydrate, General and Cancer Diet Sheets; Medical Sunbath Direction and a Prostate Questionnaire which further inform the discerning reader.

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