All You Need To Know About Child Support

Divorce is already a tough and challenging time both emotionally and physically that is doubled if you have children. Child custody and child support are important factors that need to be decided upon divorce. So let’s look at the details on child support.

What is child support?

child support

Child support is the monthly payment from one or both of the parents, which covers raising a child. During a divorce, the child custody arrangements are also decided, and the custodial and non-custodial parent is also decided. The child will be in the care of the custodial parent while the non-custodial parent receives less time.

Sometimes there may be joint custody of the child. As for the child support, the custodial parent will be receiving the child support payments. So the non-custodial parent is usually the one who makes the child support payments. Sometimes both parents may be ordered to pay child support.

What is the duration of child support payments?

The child support payments need to be made until the child reaches 18 years of age. But there can be exceptions, including if the child is 199 years old and enrolled in high school while living with the parent, then child support payments need to be made. Moreover, if the child joins the military, marries, becomes independent before the age of 18, child support payments are automatically stopped.

The court may even continue the support after the child reaches 18 years of age if the child cannot self-support themselves due to a disability. So exceptions are present as each case is different.

How to determine the amount of child support payment?

To determine the amount of child support needed, there is some information that you will need. This includes the

  •         Net disposable income of both parents is the difference between gross income and federal and state income taxes, insurance premiums, and mandatory dues.
  •         Tax liabilities of both parents
  •         Number of children
  •         Child custody arrangements
  •         Children’s health care and insurance expenses
  •         Travel costs, daycare costs, education costs, and other special needs
  •         If the spouse has children from another marriage, then information about the support they give to those children
What to do if you want to change the child support orders?

The court decides the amount of child support and the parent who will be paying for it. But the order of the court is not definite. You can ask for a change In child support orders at any point in time when the circumstance change. These situations include loss of job, a change in the time-sharing agreement, one of the parents making more or less income than decided previously, or a parent having another child from another partner or a parent is convicted.

When a parent asks for changes in the order, the court will first see the financial condition of both parents and the timeshare agreement before making changes. Since this matter is very complicated and difficult to grasp for a layman, it makes it imperative to work with custody lawyers in Houston.


The child support process can be a frustrating and complicated process, so it’s best to have the help of an emergency custody attorney. There are many things that need to be determined, so working with a lawyer will make the process smoother. So if you are considering divorce, consider hiring a lawyer.


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