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A New Majority Of Voters Is Mobilizing In Broward County

BROWARD COUNTY – The upcoming elections are critical for Florida as candidates are taking significant stands, both positive and negative, about employment and immigration laws. Florida New Majority, a civic engagement organization, is reaching out to low-income families in Broward to make sure their voice and vote are taken into account.

“FNM believes in the electoral power of our communities. We are activating Latino, Haitian and African-American communities to vote, not just for the sake of voting, but for what are our main concerns right now: unemployment and human rights for immigrants”, explains Gihan Perera, Executive Director.

Canvassers are hitting Broward streets and phones since September 27th., and so far they have knocked on approximately 3.100 doors, called over 900 homes, and talked face-to face with more than 550 voters.

The program focuses in low income neighborhoods and targets especially those who only voted in the last elections but are uncertain of voting again or may drop-off. Also, FNM is looking to reactivate the votes of youth and single women.

“It is our first time working in Broward and until now we have received a very positive response from the people. Broward has the highest density of drop-off voters in the state of Florida; this is where the turn-out battle will be fought”, explains Sarai Portillo, State Field Lead Organizer.

“A new majority is rising in Florida from the bottom-up”, Perera Says. “Fair responses to unemployment and immigration are what our communities expect from leaders, and that is how we will vote”.

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