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A Grand Reopening of Island SPACE Caribbean Museum at Broward Mall

PLANTATION Island SPACE Caribbean Museum is a unique addition to the mall and features exhibits that showcase the history and rich culture of the many islands and countries that make up the Caribbean. Opening during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and seeing limited traffic during its initial launch, Island SPACE Caribbean Museum is an important cultural resource for the community and a testament to the resilience of the arts and cultural sector during challenging times.

Island SPACE Caribbean Museum

Visitors to Island SPACE Caribbean Museum will enjoy the variety of artifacts, artwork and interactive displays that highlight the unique customs, traditions and history of the island communities and countries of the West Indies. The museum is a one-of-kind attraction, providing a fascinating glimpse into the diverse cultures and history of Caribbean people.

Calibe Thompson Island Space Caribbean Museum Broward Mall
Calibe Thompson

“As the first and only Caribbean heritage museum in the United States, Island SPACE Caribbean Museum truly represents the family that members of the diaspora chose when they moved to this country. It’s a place where we all can feel at home and feel celebrated. When we started this two years ago, we didn’t know how we’d fill the space we were given. Now, as we begin to welcome guests to our larger, new location at the Broward Mall, I’ve become even more excited about our rapid growth and what lies ahead,” says Calibe ThompsonPresident and Co-Founder of Island SPACE Caribbean Museum.

Island SPACE provides a representative platform to showcase the culture, heritage, and voices of the people of Caribbean descent in the USA. It features authentic exhibits of the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of all Caribbean communities.

A Grand Reopening Day

The museum had an impressive reopening day that was well-received by visitors with close to 600 guests over the course of the day, garnering donations of nearly $2,000 from people who were moved by the depth of the history and culture on display.  They were treated to a musical rendition of Hot, Hot, Hot by the Winston Park Elementary Steel Band, a Kumina-inspired Jamaican cultural dance led by “Queen” Maxine Osborne”.

The Board of Directors along with staff, sponsors, and volunteers enjoyed treating new and returning visitors to tours, tasty island treats and much more.

Tourist Boards from Jamaica, Barbados, and the Bahamas welcome guests with authentic island vibes as they entered the new hall.

VIP Reception

Island Space Caribbean Museum Broward Mall - Dr. Guerda Nicolas
Dr. Guerda Nicolas

Guests like Dr. Guerda Nicolas, of the Ayiti Community Trust, were moved to donate when seeing the majesty and artistry of the exhibits. “I believe in the vision to create a museum that represents the mosaic of countries and cultures comprising the Caribbean region.  Visions need resources (people, money, time, materials) to make them a reality.  There is a great African proverb that says, “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, I want to do my part to help this vision land,” said Dr. Nicolas.

Other notable guests include Visit Lauderdale’s Sr. VP of Marketing and Communications, Camila Clark and VP of Multicultural Business and Community Engagement, Neki Mohan, as well as the Community Foundation of Broward’s Director of Community Impact, Angelica Rosas.

Island SPACE Caribbean Museum is an important addition to the Broward Mall and more importantly, the wider community. They will continue to welcome many new visitors while providing a space for the celebration and preservation of Caribbean culture and heritage.

Upcoming Featured Art Exhibits

One extremely intriguing display featured front, and center is the work of Michelle Drummond and Krystle Sabdul of Jamaica, and Sonya Sanchez-Arias of Trinidad and Tobago.

Visitors will enjoy seeing their “Earth, Water and Skin: Caribbean Women in Art” exhibit and the information panels, on Caribbean warriors which are part of the “Caribbean Sheroes” cultural exhibit, both generously supported by the Community Foundation of Broward.


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