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6 Security Measures To Safeguard Your New Home

Home is supposed to be a place of safety, somewhere you can feel at ease. You come home, kick off your shoes, hop in the shower, sit and have a meal, and think nothing of someone disrespecting your space by forcing their way in. Unfortunately, many times, this sacred space is dishonored. Burglars attack. Thieves try their luck. Be prepared for this eventuality. If it never occurs, great. But if it does, you should be ready. If you are looking for weapons for self defense against home burglars, See More

Reinforce Your Door

Security Measures To Safeguard Your New Home

Forced entry is implemented by over ninety percent of burglars. How sure are you that your door can withstand such an attempt? For This reason, you have to use a door reinforcement kit to fortify every door in your home. This six-piece kit made from galvanized steel can be installed in under thirty minutes using only a drill and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This kit is made up of two-door shields that can be fitted over your pre-existing locks to prevent splintering of the door under pressure. Two hinge shields work together to ensure that the jamb shield remains secure. A pry shield tops off the set and this foils the burglars’ plans in the event they try to pry your door open using a pry bar. So sure are these professionals that your door won’t budge after install, they’re offering five hundred dollars if anyone is successful in kicking it in.

Install An Alarm System

Choose from the many on the market that best suits your budget. A great sense of extra security will befall you both when inside and leaving your home. Be sure to remember to set the alarm once you plan to be out of the house. Activated, if any attempt is made to enter your house forcefully, blaring noises will not only startle and chase away the offenders, the police will also be alerted.

Invest In Surveillance Cameras

Security Measures To Safeguard Your New Home

Two eyes are awesome. Any extras you can put up around your home including an outdoor camera, the better. These should be installed both inside and around the perimeter of your abode for more total coverage. Placing them in areas that are not immediately noticeable is best. This way, they will not be targeted and destroyed before the crime is attempted.

These cameras give you time to phone the police if you notice suspicious activity and record visual imagery of the thieves or burglars that can be useful for criminal prosecution. Some high-tech cameras are even able to be controlled by your smartphone giving you even more control.

Get Motion Detectors Lights

It is usually late at night when you are likely to hear strange sounds. While you may want to be brave and go outside to check the disturbance, this is not advised. Rely on technology to help you out in such a situation. Sensors will trigger the light to turn on if any sketchy movement is observed. This will not serve to only notify you of a potential problem, it will also frighten away the perpetrator. Direct these lights to the areas that you consider most in need of extra surveillance.

Take Care Of Your Surroundings

The bad guys don’t need any help from you. Try not to equip them with any areas where they can conceal themselves. In that respect, prune shrubs and trim trees, especially if they are close to any windows or glass doors. In selecting plants for your yard, lean towards those which spout thorns or cause immediate skin irritation. Of course, you would take care so the traps you set for the wicked won’t fall back on you.

Enlist The Help Of A 4 Legged Friend

Security Measures To Safeguard Your New Home

While cats are nice to have around they won’t be much help in a dire situation. Get a dog. Train your dog well so that they listen and respond only to your commands and don’t run away at the first sign of trouble. The value of a good guard dog cannot be understated. Their growls and barks will alert you and hopefully frighten away burglars and thieves. If trained to attack, they can inflict major damage and buy you valuable time to get to safety and to call the police.

Times are changing. Respect for people and property is dropping. It is not sufficient to just hope bad things don’t happen to you. Get on the offensive and prepare. Reinforce those doors, especially the ones connected to the outside. Install security alarms and lights. It’s best to not rely on solely one means of protection. Cover as many bases as you can.



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