6 Proven Tips On How To Boost Your Closeness With Your Female Friends

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re hitting a friendship rut with your best friend. You feel a little distant and it’s like you and your female friends are not speaking the same language anymore. If you’re at that stage where you find yourself running out of common topics to talk about with them, don’t worry. There’s still hope you can reconnect with your girls and regain that lost intimacy. If you’re dedicated enough, you can make anything work. However, as you and your friends grow, it’s more likely that each one of you would follow a different direction which can strain the rapport between you altogether. So, if you’re willing to stay close with your besties, it’s time you learn how you can boost the intimacy between you guys and strengthen your friendship bond.

 Tips On How To Boost Your Closeness With Your Female Friends

1.   Be There When the Going Gets Tough

There will always be times when you can’t clearly pinpoint why your girl best friend is being distant or less responsive. The truth is, things go wrong all the time, and it’s those hardships that define friendships and show you who is really there for you. Make sure you text her even if you’re not really on top of her text list at that time. This will show her that you’ll always be there even through the toughest times. Friendships that last during growing pains are more likely to last for a lifetime so cherish your soul mates who show up when life isn’t treating you well.

2.   Engage in a New Activity Together

You’ll feel closer to your best friends when you engage in productive activities with them. You know, the ones where you’re in sync and share a lot of excitement together. Once you and she agree on something you want to do together, you’ll notice how the energy changes and turns into shared excitement that brings you even closer. You also want to engage in productive talks revolving around something you both may have disagreed upon in the past. The more you disclose, the deeper the intimacy between the both of you.

3.   Get to Know Her All Over Again

To do this, you need to disregard any previous assumptions you have about how your friend or how she’s supposed to behave. Be ready and welcoming of new jokes, new references, or the new personality, altogether, of your friend if necessary. You should also try asking her questions that improve friendships such as how she wants to be comforted when she’s sad or where she needs support in her life. Treat your friend as if she’s a new person you’re getting to know so that you can earn a fresh start and get to know her better.

4.   Give Your Friend Some Space

There are surely going to be times when your longtime friend declines on your usual Saturday girls’ night. She may find herself caught up in her new work routine that she no longer has any time to spend with you. She may also spend more time with her new work colleagues than she spends with you. Instead of feeling left out, you should never let her other priorities threaten your friendship. Understand when she needs time for herself and be there when she needs you there again.

5.   Appreciate the Routine

We tend to experience deeper emotions whenever we meet someone new because everything they do is unexpected. Everything new we learn about them becomes interesting, but when we spend a lot of time with that person, they become rather predictable. This can lead you to take your relationship with your friends for granted. Instead, try to let it create intimacy between you and your friends so that you can maintain the relationship for as long as you can.

 Tips On How To Boost Your Closeness With Your Female Friends

6.   Share Yourself More

Friendships and relationships are all about opening up to one another and discovering new things about their personality. This excitement can fade away over time and you may find yourself unmotivated to get to know your friends. If you want to be close with your girl best friends, you need to keep sharing your emotions and connecting with them through intimate conversations.

Having close friends who know everything about you and can read right through you is a bliss many would take for granted. However, you need to keep that bond strong with your best friends and let them know that you appreciate their existence in your life. Connect with your female buddies by engaging in deep, intimate talks and sharing your emotions whenever you get the chance. Take the nearest chance to show them that you’ll be there when they need you and whenever life isn’t treating them very well.


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