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6 Plumbing Issues That are Difficult to DIY

6 Plumbing Issues That are Difficult to DIY

Learning how to do home repair tasks all by yourself can be fun and rewarding. Self-sufficiency feels good and makes for great conversation starters when you have guests. It can even make for a hobby if you get really into it. This being said, some tasks should be left in the capable hands of professionals because the health and danger risks of mistakes are too great.

When it comes to plumbing there are six main issues that should be placed in the hands of an experienced plumber.

The following will explore each of these issues in detail and the possible harms that can result from a job done improperly.

1. From Scratch Plumbing

If you’re building a new house, there are strict regulations for plumbing that is up to code. Without years of study and training, you’re not going to be able to understand the intricate inner workings of all aspects of your home’s plumbing systems. Don’t try to do this initial plumbing yourself because you run the risk of violating building codes, which put your home in danger and drastically lower the value of your freshly built house. You also run the risk of having plumbing issues in the near future as well as potential water damage to your brand new floors and walls.

2. Pipe Rerouting

Pipe rerouting is commonly needed by those who are making structural alterations to their homes such as adding in another bathroom or building extensions. To reroute piping requires installing new water intakes, new drains, new lateral connections, and new water lines. It is a complicated process, which again has strict code laws, and is, therefore, best left to the professionals.

3. Gas Line Repair

This is one of the most dangerous plumbing tasks there is. A gas leak can turn into a poisonous situation really quickly or can result in a fire that can damage your home or even result in death. If you detect a gas leak, experts at All Service Plumbers emphasize that you should leave your home immediately. Call 911 and then a plumber only once you, your family, and your pets have reached a safe location away from your home. Make sure that as you leave, you do not turn anything on or off. You do not want to risk a spark being ignited in the gas.

4. Dishwasher Installation

This one seems like something you might be able to do on your own, but consistently people find that DIY dishwasher installation results in leaks, clogged drains, water backups, and overflows. Beyond this, if you want the dishwasher tucked neatly beneath a counter there are additional skills you need to have. As a side note, it is important that once your dishwasher is professionally installed, you should be using a safe dishwashing liquid or pod to ensure that there is no build-up in your pipes and drains. You should also be scooping dishes before they go in the dishwasher to prevent food from clogging your drains.

5. Sewer Repair

Sewer repair is another dangerous job best left to the professionals. The task requires heavy digging and often the use of specific equipment you don’t have access to or the needed skills to operate. Beyond this, in some states, digging without permission is illegal because you run the risk of damaging infrastructures beneath the ground like gas lines, electricity lines, and sewage lines. If sewer repair is done incorrectly, you run the risk of sewage back up. This is not only a terrible mess to deal with, but can result in toxicity in the air which risks you and your family’s health.

6. Water Heater Installation

A poorly installed water heater can result in you or your family members burning themselves on the water in your home. Beyond this, it often requires expert knowledge of gas line fitting which can produce gas leaks if done incorrectly. Incorrect installation can also produce leaks or steam, which in turn can allow mold or mildew to grow. This poses another type of health risk as mold poisoning is toxic and dangerous.

6 Plumbing Issues That are Difficult to DIY
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The above six plumbing issues are all examples of work that should be left to the professionals because of potential harm done to you, your family, or your home. In addition to the above list, you should always call an experienced professional if you are facing a home repair issue that you are not comfortable solving. You know what you’re capable of, don’t risk your fingers, health, home, or life by taking on a task you’re not equipped to handle.



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