6 Amazing Travel Destinations in Jamaica

Ocho Rios - Jamaica
Ocho Rios Jamaica

The tropical vibe in Jamaica makes it a perfect vacation place for people no matter the season. Jamaica is well known for its Caribbean sun, white sand beaches, finger-licking food, relaxing vibes, and crystal clear water. With such a wide area of land to cover, this list provides a list of only the best places you could have a look at. 

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From sunbathing at Negril beach to wonderful national parks in the region, we take you through a tour of the best places to visit while in Jamaica. 

Which Are the Best Places to Visit in Jamaica
1. Blue Hole, Ocho Rios

The Blue Hole is a picturesque waterhole fed by gushing cascades located in the high rainforest-cloaked mountains of Ocho Rios. They offer adventure, as getting to the falls, you need to navigate tricky trails along the way. The higher you go, the trickier the trails get, and the fewer people you’ll find. 

You get to have a guide leading you on tour to these falls, to which you could jump off cliffs to clear and refreshing pools below. The falls are beautiful. Just make sure you have good shoes when heading to the Blue Holes. 

2. Black River Safari Boat Tour and YS Falls

This is the perfect place for nature lovers as the guide takes you across the longest river in Jamaica which is fringed with mangroves. Along the way, you get access to a pile of crocodiles and over 200 different bird species that decorate your way. The river is also home to some of the most beautiful cascades and waterfalls that flow into peaceful natural pools. 

Adding to the spectacular site, the place brings to life the legend of Tarzan, as you can play with well-fitted ropes as you swing and plunge into these pools. 

3. Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay

What’s a tour without a bit of spookiness in it? This house will give you the jitters, especially for ghost story fans. The house follows the legend of the White Witch, known for her cruelty and very violent death. She is said to be haunting the place to the present day. 

The house, built in 1770, is located in the middle of a plantation giving the tourist an incredible ocean view from a distance. The guide walks you around and tells tales surrounding the house.

4. Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios gives adrenaline junkies a thrill they will enjoy. In Bobsled mountain, you can get a single-person roller coaster ride through the mountain forest. Simultaneously, you could zipline if you want the mountain’s scenic views and town below via a chairlift ascending the hill. The place offers nature walks, hummingbird gardens, ropes course, rides, an infinity pool, and a waterslide. 

5. Kingston

Located at the Blue Mountains’ foot, the twin offers a cosmopolitan contrast to the island’s otherwise relaxed pace. You could visit the Bob Marley Museum and the Trench Town Culture Yard Museum and see where reggae music began. The place is home to a limitless number of concerts you could enjoy on your visit to the area. 

Experiencing the Best Side of Jamaica

This significant island has a lot to offer other than natural sightings, exotic birds, and mysterious houses that will spook you out. Jamaica is known for its wild side and ganja farms that will induce you to the island’s life. The tropical vibe given off by Jamaica and the history and culture that comes with it are surely some of the things that give the island its character.



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