5 Tips to Have a Good Relationship with Your Boss

5 Tips to Have a Good Relationship with Your Boss

Do you have a good relationship with your boss or are you having to deal with an uncouth boss? It is important that your work area feels comfortable and a good relationship with your boss is very important. So, work towards building strong relationships with your managers. Avoid habits like keeping your head down to just complete your work, and not working on your work relationship is not a good idea. Especially if you hope to advance in the organization. Plus, a good relationship is a key to being happy at work. Below are tips that can help you to have a good relationship with your boss.

  1. Be aware of their communication style and methods 

The way your communication is with your boss will affect a lot the type of relationship that you have. Communication styles differ with different managers, and it depends on the one you have and the style that they are using. So, when you figure out how he relates, it will be easy for you to relate to them accordingly. For instance, does he probe you with one question after another? Does he sit back and prefer to listen? Be aware of it and follow that communication style. Also, consider the communication method they prefer, either it is writing an email, organized meeting, or mobile phone. Find out which one they favor most, and then mostly do that, and in this way, you build a stronger relationship with them.

  1. Ask for feedback 

5 Tips to Have a Good Relationship with Your Boss

When you have gone through some articles on sites like huffpost, you will know how important it is to get feedback at work. Especially from your boss. Feedback helps you to know if you are on the right track. Particularly, when you have a boss that is never around as they travel a lot. You must ensure they know what you are working with or doing. In this way, you will get automatic feedback if it is okay and necessary. This is a better way instead of waiting for your annual performance appraisal to get feedback on your performance. While constant feedback would have helped you to improve and better your work. Also, the more you improve from the feedback that you get, you will impress your boss and in the future, you will earn raises and promotions. Also, it creates a good relationship between the two of you.

  1. Avoid making excuses 

5 Tips to Have a Good Relationship with Your Boss

Excuses will just make your relationship with your boss worse. You should ensure you perform all your basic tasks other than creating excuses for them. For instance, showing up to work on time as it shows that you respect not only your work but your boss and colleagues. Avoid making excuses as managers don’t want to hear them or even care what your excuses are as long as you have meet deadlines, among other duties you have to perform. Therefore, since you are an employee, avoid excuses, and in this way, you will create a good relationship with your boss.

  1. Make your boss look good 

Of course, if you make your boss look bad to his superiors, there is no way you will have a good relationship with him. For instance, not doing a particular task because it does not fit your job description. As it is a trap many people fall into to show off how your boss is not a good person. Thus, if you are happy about the tasks that you do and that you feel are not yours, set up a meeting and share your concerns. By doing this, it shows that you are mature about the issue and that you respect your boss. Therefore, you create a good relationship with him.

This can also be done with a sign of recognition toward them for being such a good employer. The people working at Martin Awards know how important it is for every individual to receive a pat on the back. This can be a token of appreciation, such as a gift card or even flowers. Anything to tell your boss that his hard work is appreciated and you are grateful for him/her.

  1. Go a step ahead in your work 

5 Tips to Have a Good Relationship with Your Boss

When you do more than what is expected of you it will set you apart from other employees. Therefore, not only will it make your boss value your work but it gives you a great relationship with them. So, instead of doing just what is expected, be proactive, come up with solutions to problems that you can share with your boss with the task at hand. Since it reflects wonderfully on you, it also creates a good relationship with your boss.

Surprise him with a gift

Just because he is your superior doesn’t mean you can’t give him any gifts. That’s why taking advantage of a special date like his birthday or Christmas can be an excellent time to show him your appreciation. However, you should know how to choose an appropriate gift for your boss, so if you don’t know where to start, you can use these ideas from SnackNation. A word of advice: try to make a group with your colleagues and split the gift’s cost. You will see how you will surprise him, and better yet, he will thank you.


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