5 Tips for Car Travel in 2021’s Last Few Months

Tips for Car Travel

We’re getting into 2021’s last few months, which some people call the Holiday Alley. That refers to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and Christmas. Not everyone in the US celebrates all of those, but many people do.

During the year’s last few weeks, a lot of people like to travel for those holidays. They are the perfect excuse to visit family, which many individuals did not have a chance to do last year because of pandemic-related lockdowns and general health concerns. In 2021, many individuals have vaccinated themselves, so a big holiday blowout with family members is back on the table.

Thanksgiving is definitely the biggest travel week of the year for airlines, even bigger than Christmas. You may choose to fly to get to a relative’s house this Thanksgiving, but you can also drive. If they don’t live that far away from you, this might be your best bet.

The nice thing about driving is that you don’t have to wear a mask since you’re safely in your own car with your family members. If you fly, mask-wearing is mandatory.

Let’s go over a few tips to keep in mind if you travel during the year’s last few months. These are a few things to think about before you start up the old family car and get out on the road.

You Can Get a Tune Up

There are all types of things that can happen to you out on the highway between your house and your destination. For instance, maybe another vehicle hits your car. These accidents might not be your fault, but they sometimes happen all the same, even if you are careful.

You do stand the best chance of avoiding an accident, though, if you take great care of your car and follow all the traffic laws in each state through which you pass. You can get a tune up before you get out on the road, and that’s one way to make sure an older car is ready for a multiple-state trip.

During a tune up, a mechanic will look over your older car to see if they notice anything troubling. They will let you know if you need to replace anything or if any parts look especially worn down. They will check the engine to see if they need to clean anything, and they will inspect your rotors, spark plugs, hoses and belts, fluids levels, and filters.

This is especially important if you recently bought a used vehicle. Seasoned professionals at Rudy Luther Toyota say that a quality dealership should offer repairs, routine maintenance, tire rotations, oil changes, and brake checks. By investing in a tune up, you can make sure the vehicle is ready for your travels.

You Can Check Your Tire Pressure

Checking your vehicle’s tire pressure is another smart move if you’re getting ready to do some late in the year traveling. With many cars, the tire PSI should be 36, but that is not true for every vehicle model. To see for sure, you can either look online, or else you can check the sticker on the driver’s side door.

Once you’ve figured out what the tire PSI should be, you can either drive to a gas station to check the pressure, or else you can ask a mechanic to do it during the car’s tune up. You might also buy a pump on Amazon that can fill your tires at home. They are not very difficult to learn to use.

You can also sometimes fill up your tires for free if you have a Costco membership and there is one near you. This is a smart move since you can load the car up with essentials at low prices at the same time.

You Can Make Sure You Have No Contraband Items in the Vehicle

You know that you should never drive drunk, but you might occasionally forget that you have alcohol in the car. Clean the vehicle out before you travel. If there are any liquor bottles or beer cans, full or empty, get rid of them.

In some states, recreational marijuana is legal now. However, just because it is legal in your state, that does not mean it will be in the state to which you are driving or the ones through which your vehicle will pass.

Make sure to get any marijuana or edibles out of the car that happen to be in there. You should never drive under the influence anyway, but if any marijuana or infused products are in the vehicle, clear them out before you travel between states.

Pack Snacks for the Road

If you intend to travel with your children, you know they will probably get hungry along the way, and you may not want to stop very often in order to make better time. That means packing the car with snacks they like and beverages as well.

You probably already know what kinds of snacks your kids enjoy, and you should bring some for yourself as well. Maybe you’ll want to bring along some animal crackers, peanut butter crackers, a fruit and nut mix, some energy drinks, etc.

The more snacks and drinks you have in the car, the more you can be sure to have things that the whole family likes. They will probably be a lot cheaper if you buy them from a grocery store at home instead of on the road. They will likely be much more expensive at a truck stop or gas station.

Don’t Stop Anywhere that Looks Dangerous

Speaking of truck stops, they are sometimes the most convenient places to get out of the car and stretch your legs. You might have a several-hour drive to get to your relative’s house, and you probably can’t get there all in one shot. That means stopping along the way, but make sure you only do so in places that seem safe.

If you can find a well-lit truck stop, convenience store, gas station, or scenic overlook where there are plenty of people around, that’s going to be the best move for you. Be wary when stopping at night, and stay with your kids. If you can see there’s a cop car nearby, that should also put you more at ease.


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