5 Natural Ways to Handle Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an issue many people across the country and around the world can relate to. According to a report from the CDC released in 2016, just over 20% of adults living in the United States have chronic pain, and of this percentage, 8% have chronic pain that is so high it impacts their daily lives. Chronic pain results in not only physical symptoms, but mental issues as well, as it can be very difficult to deal with the ongoing discomfort and disruption to your life.

The good news is that many different treatment options can help reduce and even eliminate chronic pain. If you’re interested in getting some relief but prefer natural ways to handle chronic pain, you may want to give these five tips a try.

Practice Meditation to Ease the Pain

The first thing you may want to try is to get into meditation. Meditation isn’t something you perfect overnight; instead, it takes practice and understanding. So, how can meditation help? It works to relax your mind and body, which in turn can help to relieve tension and pain. Meditation can be done any time and any place, which also makes it a flexible option.

Start Eating Better

Another way to combat chronic pain is to make sure you are eating a healthy well-balanced diet. Doing this will help to keep other things in check such as blood sugar, weight and even heart disease.

As for what specific foods to reach for, experts recommend you include the following items:

Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine

This is also a great time to embrace exercise and include it in your daily routine. This doesn’t mean you need to join a gym; it just means you will get up and get moving for at least 30 minutes each day. Exercise has been proven to help improve your mood and, while you’re working out, your pain signals are blocked. Then there is the fact that exercise is great for your physical well-being and can help to alleviate some ailments, making you stronger and fitter overall.

Consider Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another natural way you can manage chronic pain and can deliver some fantastic results. You want to be sure you pick a massage therapist that has dealt with your specific health concerns so that they can customize your massage to your needs.

Kratom – a Natural Opioid

For those whose chronic pain is a bit more noticeable and severe, you may need to step up your measures. One option you can investigate is kratom, which is a natural opioid. Even though you may not be familiar with it, it is a plant that has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine. It is typically used to get rid of pain, help a person to feel better overall, cut down on anxiety, improve mood, help you to be more productive and it can help you to sleep better.

While it’s not currently considered a controlled substance, there has been some talk of perhaps adding to the Schedule I drug list. Some states have banned it and gone ahead and labeled it as such. As for where to find kratom locally, you’ll need to live in a state where it isn’t banned and opt for reputable online retailers, specialty stores and smoke shops.

Chronic pain is a horrible thing to cope with, and something that no one wants to go through. If you find yourself in that position, however, there are many natural ways that you can help to alleviate and even eliminate your pain.



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