5 Best Minimalist Word Games That Does Not Drain Your Battery

5 Best Minimalist Word Games That Does Not Drain Your Battery

You’re on the right page if you’re looking for battery-friendly word games. I personally love minimal word games, and to list down a Top Five was far from easy, but I have them listed down after observing and analyzing their performance.


This game is very similar to ScrabbleGo as it requires the same literacy knowledge and competitive spirit and edge to play. The theme of the game is familiarized with a word search puzzle and not with that of a crossword. Players are to progress by moving across the board as they try to find the scrabble go words located in the jumble. Placement of the word is far more important in comparison to the word length.

A decent amount of strategy and an excellent set of vocabulary is required to bag the title. You can easily cut off or eliminate your opponent by placing your words carefully. However, there are speculations made on the game that it is going to be shut down; so, make sure to get on the Wordbase bandwagon before it shuts down.

Four Letters 

The app takes Boggle and does the work of grinding it down to a formula that is super-fast. Players are given about twenty seconds to form a word from the four letters present, at which point and time the letter renews. The main aim of the game is to see how far the player can go and last. The resiliency of the player is tested.

Every puzzle contains multiple answers, and a leaderboard is present for the individuals willing to put their word-forming skill sets to the test. Profanity and swearing words aren’t included here; so, you have to keep this base as clean as possible.


This game was created by Philipp Stollenmayer and is different to a certain extent in comparison to the majority of the word-forming games out there. In this game, you don’t have to pull words out of your vocabulary. It requires you to place letters smartly on the board for the purpose of falling in a specific way, which will collect and obtain numerous dots scattered on and around every level.

On one occasion, it will be smart to drop the letter “M” as the letter is known to cling into objects physically. Another hack would be to use the letter “Y,” so when you drop the letter “O,” it will roll in a particular direction. However, the choice is all yours, which makes the game even more interesting and hilarious.

Word Search Puzzle

This game offers a word search that has a seamless and classic experience. The players are given the task of hunting and tracking down words present within or in the large block of letters. The game offers three levels of difficulty to the players, and so, you can play according to your preference and skills.

There are also some optional modes that come with a timer to apply more pressure in the game and to the player. The game is delightful to look at and play. The games have received over a million downloads as of now.

Letterpress – Word Game 

This particular game is very competitive. There are letters present on the board, where the players have to take turns in forming the words. The board includes a block of letters that are 5×5, and it depends on the player to track down as many words as possible in the group at the earliest.

The words are all points, and the player with the highest points at the end takes home the title. The feature of playing against a bot to hone your skills is available in the game. You can practice and improve your skillset to defeat your opponents in the game.

Summing It Up

The above-mentioned apps are versatile gaming apps that bring the best of both worlds. They are incredibly fun and entertaining while being extremely educational and enlightening at the same time. These apps are designed in such a way that it requires very little battery support. These minimalistic games prove to be very useful. You can play them without having to worry about your device’s battery getting drained fast. They are as convenient as they come.




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