5 Best Affiliate Programs Offered by Cryptocurrency Exchanges

5 Best Affiliate Programs Offered by Cryptocurrency Exchanges

contributed contentNowadays affiliate marketing is more popular than ever. Many online businesses offer affiliate programs to promote their products and services and online cryptocurrency exchanges are no exception.

Almost every similar platform has a special program that many affiliate professionals (or even beginners) can use to earn some money. If you have at least some knowledge about how to get bitcoins, crypto exchanges, blockchain, or digital marketing, you might want to check out the five cryptocurrency platforms that we’re about to present in this article.

But before that, let’s take a quick recap of what an affiliate program actually is.

What Is an Affiliate Program?

All kinds of businesses offer an affiliate program. They basically allow anyone to promote them and receive adequate compensation for their work.

Here’s a simple example. Let’s say that I sell computer keyboards on the web and that you’re a person who knows a lot about them and has some digital marketing knowledge. We can make a deal so that you promote my products, and I give you a cut for every keyboard I sell to the customers that you brought to my store.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works with Online Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

That’s pretty much how affiliate programs in online exchanges work. The only difference is that most of the things are automatized, meaning exchanges have entire platforms for their affiliate partners. Moreover, they could easily track users coming from different affiliate sites just by using code.

Exchanges That Offer The Best Affiliate Programs

If your goal is to trade cryptocurrencies, then the part about affiliate programs wouldn’t be very interesting to you. However, it happens that some of the best crypto exchange platforms also have the best programs for their affiliate partners.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate partner to some of the online cryptocurrency exchanges, make sure to take a look at the following five platforms.  In you are interested in marketing, find some of the best affiliate training here.


CEX.IO is widely regarded as one of the most lucrative platforms when it comes to the cut that affiliate partners receive when they bring new users to the site. Moreover, it’s also a very secure and decent bitcoin exchange if your goal is to make transactions rather than engage in its affiliate program. So, how does this program work in CEX.IO?

You’ll receive a unique link that people must use if they want to register on the platform. If they sign up via your link, they’ll be considered your referrals. After that, every transaction they make on the site will be profitable for you, as CEX.IO shares 30% of the fee charged on transactions.


Coinbase is one of the biggest brands out there, and its affiliate program (or referral program, as it is referred to on the site) is worked out in detail. The site can track cookies for 30 days, meaning that a referred person will still count as your referral even if they will register after some time (up to a month).

The good news about Coinbase’s referral program is that it offers a 50% cut on the fees for transactions that your referrals make. However, the bad news is that this lasts for only three months, meaning you have to act quickly to get the most out of it.


Changelly is also a top-rated online cryptocurrency exchange platform, offering a great affiliate marketing tool. You can use the special dashboard to track everything you need, including your referrals, earnings, and more.

It also allows you to customize the referral link so that your referrals can see a different currency and the amount when they click on it, which is a pretty nice way to make your offer more inviting.

Similar to Coinbase, this platform will share 50% of its earnings made by your referrals. Unfortunately, this is also active for a limited period – 90 days only.


Coinmama has a great affiliate program that will pay 15% of its commission on all purchases that your referrals make. The good news about this platform is that it’s available in 190 countries, so the potential number of referrals could be quite high.

Moreover, Coinmama has no limitations, such as the ones set by Coinbase and Changelly. In other words, as long as your referrals are active and trading, you’ll be receiving your cut. Payouts are mainly made in Bitcoin, and you need at least three successful orders from three referred users to get paid. Payments are conducted on a monthly basis.


Kucoin has managed to establish a name for itself in a relatively short period. Its affiliate program is actually pretty lucrative, as you may receive a 30% to 50% cut from the trading fees that your referrals pay. The actual percentage is determined depending on the number of referred people your bring to the platform. That’s an excellent system to keep you motivated in your effort to bring in new users.

The only downside to Kucoin is that its affiliate program is much younger compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, you’ll have to be manually approved to become an affiliate partner.

Final Thoughts: The Rest Is up to You

Now that you know what exchanges are willing to share part of their income with their affiliate partners, make sure to pick one that seems interesting to you. However, after you select it, you should take into account that it’s just the start of an exciting journey called affiliate marketing.

What you need to do next is try to invite as many people as possible to the platform. Ideally, those people will be willing to trade actively, making you a nice revenue stream. Naturally, pulling that off isn’t very easy, and it takes a lot of learning, patience, and determination. For platforms such as Changelly and Coinbase, you need to rely on the element of time, as their referral links tend to expire. Therefore, if you’re new to the industry, we suggest you start with a site that doesn’t have limits.


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