4 Tips To Help You When Standing In the Shower Becomes Harder

Having your bath is not just crucial for hygiene. It is also highly therapeutic. Picture this after a long day at work. You’re sweaty, tired, and cranky. You probably haven’t had a proper meal all day. You get into your home, and you step into your bathroom, where you turn on the shower and let the waters wash off the weariness and stress of the day.

Now, imagine if you couldn’t stand in the shower, perhaps you’re disabled, or maybe you simply can’t stand for long because you’re heavily pregnant or constantly fatigued from some form of illness. It is also possible that your ward does not remember how to bathe or is too scared to stand in the shower. All of these things could rob an individual of the pleasure of a shower and, of course, affect your hygiene.

However, the need for a weekly bath and daily cleaning of some body parts have necessitated this article. We would like to share some tips with you if you’re experiencing trouble standing in the shower for an extended period.

4 Tips To Help You When Standing In the Shower Becomes Harder

How Can You Enjoy A Long Shower Without Standing For Too Long?

Several tools have been designed to aid bathing over the years. Several medical conditions, including old age, render individuals incapable of standing while bathing or bathing themselves. Often, such individuals require caregivers to aid them in bathing.

The tips we’ll be sharing would be helpful for any category you fall into, whether you’re merely having trouble standing for too long, you can’t stand at all, or you’re a caregiver.

1.    Get a shower chair:

This tip is a straightforward solution to your problem. It brings you immense comfort while allowing you to enjoy a long shower. You can sit down at intervals if you can’t stand for too long, or you can stay in your chair till you’re done washing off. The world is your oyster as there are several types of shower chairs with great features and benefits. One such is Mobility Paradise’s nuprodx multichair wheeled shower and commode chair, with features that make it adjustable to virtually any bathroom size. A good stand-alone shower chair can be placed on a bathtub or bathroom floor, directly under the shower. It can also be built into the bathroom or installed as a pull-down alternative from the shower wall.

2.    Consider getting a bathtub in your bathroom:

Although this might be a slightly more expensive option, it offers a great deal of comfort and convenience. You can think of the long bubble baths with scented soaps and candles, maybe even with a glass of wine and some aromatherapeutic petals. This way, you can save yourself from the exertion of standing in the shower or getting your ward to stand while you bathe them. There are various types of bathtubs made from different composite materials like acrylic, fiberglass, wood, cast iron, enamel, etc. You simply have to find the type that suits the theme of your house/bathroom decor.

4 Tips To Help You When Standing In the Shower Becomes Harder

3.    Try To employ handrails, hand grabs, and bathroom floor mats:

If you’re unsteady on your feet after standing in the shower for a while, you need to put safety measures in place if your legs are weak when you’re leaving the bathroom or shower. You need a non-slip covering that grips the floor. It can be treads or a firmly secured mat, shower, bath, and bathroom floor. In the shower or bath, you can place a mat that lends the floor some grain, making it effortless to move around the shower or bath safely.

There are also long mats that cover the entire length of the shower or bath. You can attach some shower safety strips, handrails, or hand grabs in the shower or bath to supplement the non-skid mats. Furthermore, you shouldn’t fill your bath to the point where it spills over when you climb in because too much water on the bathroom floor is harmful.

4.    Get some home modifications:

Several outfits can assess your bathroom based on your unique needs and then modify it. You can have a walk-in shower that is painstakingly customized to your needs, a portable bathroom, or even a wet room. Of course, these modifications might be on the high side, but they’ll also offer you the comfort you need.

Lastly, you might also want to consider putting off showers or lengthy showers on days when you need your strength saved for some more critical tasks. Putting these tips to practice will help you enjoy some more alone time in the bath.



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