4 Common Situations Where Having A Lawyer on Speed Dial Can Help

4 Common Situations Where Having A Lawyer on Speed Dial Can Help

Having a lawyer on retainer, or speed dial is a great way to cover yourself in sudden and unpredicted situations. The very nature of the world is that, when everything is going well without any warning, something incredibly unexpected and unwanted will happen. Planning ahead and covering yourself by hiring a lawyer on retainer can be a fantastic way to ensure you are protected, should you find yourself in an awkward legal situation. The retainer scheme works, simply, by paying an attorney or lawyer monthly, almost on subscription, and if you ever should get into legal trouble, they will come immediately to your aid.

In this article, we are going to tell you about four common situations in which having a lawyer on speed dial can help. Nobody wants to get in trouble with the law, so having a lawyer on your side can be a great help.

Here are four common situations where having a lawyer on speed dial can help.

1.    Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you are not prepared and do not have legal representation. Car accidents are on the rise throughout the United States and account for most of the yearly filed personal injury cases. In Florida, for example, car accidents are increasing with alarming frequency, which has increased the number of personal injury lawyers in Florida and in surrounding states. Personal injury cases, for a person who has had no previous experience with them, can be very stressful, and definitely require the aid of a lawyer.

Personal injury cases will, provided you are the claimant, go one of two ways, assuming you have enough evidence. You might typically make a personal injury claim in order to receive a payout from your insurance company. You might also make a personal injury claim in order to receive compensation from the person who caused your injury in a lawsuit. Personal injury lawsuits, if there is sufficient evidence, can pay out huge amounts of money, sometimes in the millions.

2.    Criminal Injury

A criminal injury case is when, as the name suggests, you are injured after an act of criminality. Criminal injury cases can be very traumatic and can have severe implications on the life of the victim. They vary in severity, as you might imagine. A lawyer can be a great asset in a criminal injury case, though you will likely be represented by the government’s prosecution service, who usually are very superior lawyers. Even so, it can be good to have a lawyer of your own in the preliminary stages. You might also want to launch a criminal lawsuit against the person responsible, which will be another reason that you might need a lawyer.

Criminal injury cases can be very traumatic and stressful – not only do we believe that you should have a lawyer to represent you, but the support and advice of mental health professionals, family, and your friends. Even if the person that you believe to have caused harm to you is found not guilty in court, you can actually still launch a criminal injury lawsuit case, and that person can still lose, though it will have no bearing on their conviction or their not guilty verdict.

3.    Criminal Cases

You will also want a lawyer if you are being held responsible for something criminal. In this situation, you will want the best lawyer that you can get so that you can beat the case. Finding proper representation is terribly important in criminal cases. If you do not have a good quality lawyer, then you can find yourself being found guilty, even if you did not do it. Adequate and proper legal representation is very important – do not settle for less for there is a strong chance that it will compromise your case. Having a lawyer on speed dial can benefit you massively if you find yourself in trouble with the law.

4.    Workplace Tribunals

Another reason that you might want a lawyer on speed dial is if you have to attend a workplace tribunal. A workplace tribunal is when you, essentially, take your employers to a sort of court, in which you argue that you were unfairly treated and that they owe you money (or time, which equates to money). You need to provide your own lawyer, so it is important that you have one on retainer if you foresee any potential workplace tribunals in your future.

Luckily, there are plenty of skilled lawyers to help, as well as alternative legal service providers who offer on-demand legal advice and support. Keep in mind that going to court can be a very long and expensive process, so make sure that you have the right lawyer on your side.

Most of us will go through our lives without the need for a lawyer and will likely have no interaction with lawyers, but it is always good to cover yourself and have one on speed dial just in case. Thank you for reading – please come back and visit us again soon.


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