4 Clever Ways to Market Your Vacation Rentals

Do you offer rental homes in the South Florida tourism industry? With so much competition, you need to be creative about your marketing strategy.

To attract as many tourists as possible, your rental business must have enough reach to outside networks.

You may have potential visitors in other countries that you haven’t reached yet! Thanks to the reach of digital marketing, it’s easy to market your business to outside visitors.

Here are four clever ways to market your vacation rentals and make more money!


1. Promote your destination in blogs

Utilizing blogs as a business strategy is an effective way to broaden your network of potential vacationers! Blogs are a popular tool to bring traffic to your businesses website. For future clients to find you from afar, you need to boost your visibility when folks research your area.

Post blogs with information about your rental features, the tourist destination, things to do in the area while on vacation, and more.

In addition to blogs on your own site, find other websites to host blogs about your rentals as well.

2. Boost your SEO

For potential vacationers who aren’t relying on friend’s word of mouth to find your rental services, it may be a wise idea to take a look at your SEO rankings. To connect with future renters that aren’t finding you through past referrals, you need to be sure you’re high up in the ranks and easy to find.

For help boosting your rankings, think about outsourcing to professionals in other countries with booming tourism industries. According to this SEO company Auckland brings in many visitors each year, and the locals have become experts at targeting tourists for property rentals.

Companies that specialize in SEO know how to structure your content to reach a much broader audience, no matter where they’re coming from.

3. Be active on social media

Social media has a massive influence on the tourism industry. To keep up with this increasing network, your business should have its own well-established social media profile.

Social media platforms boost word-of-mouth recommendations for the best travel spots. It is the platform that many consumers get their information to inspire future vacations. By providing an engaged social media profile, past visitors can tag you in pictures they post for their friends. This increases your audience and gives them a direct link to your services.

Active social media profiles allow you to directly engage with future clients and answer any questions that might encourage someone to visit your location.

4. Utilize guest referrals and reviews

When guests leave their stay at your South Florida rentals, encourage them to leave you a review of their stay on their social media pages. Social proof through pictures, referrals, and reviews are the best strategy for anyone marketing vacation rentals.

A majority of people trust family and friend recommendations over any other form of advertising when it comes to planning a vacation.

Follow up with your guests with a kind email. Thank them for their stay and asking them to refer a friend through TripAdvisor or other social media.

Perhaps they could share pictures of the amenities you provide or a story about their stay. You’d be surprised at how much business a network of personal accounts and referrals will get you.

The Takeaway

To maximize your potential running a vacation rental business, it’s important to market your services well enough that you get a steady stream of clients. Try encouraging your guests to leave reviews and referrals on social media, write blogs about vacationing in your area, and boost your SEO to gain the most traffic from future guests everywhere!


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