10 Tips to Use Twitter to Market Unconventional Products and Services

How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money on Social media

Twitter is a powerful social media tool to help achieve your social media marketing goals. As we already know, whether you’re using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, a well-crafted social media marketing strategy is the foundation for success, whatever industry you’re in. It’s not about 500 selfies or daily logs of your breakfast. Social media is more than that, and brands from aviation to wine, watches to organic juice, a butcher’s shop to a barbershop – all of them use social media to engage and bring awareness to their products and services.

Here are some tips for exploring to kickstart Twitter, especially when you’re in a niche industry.

1. Start by defining your goals.

Defining your goals helps guide your Twitter strategy. What is it that you want to achieve with your Twitter account? Generate leads and sales? Build brand awareness? Increase customer loyalty? Defining and measuring your goals will enable you to see whether your strategy is producing real, measurable results or not.

Safran, a company operating in the aviation industry, uses Twitter to bring awareness to its sustainable practices in aviation, educate users on aviation best practices, and highlight new technology in the aviation industry.

2. Get to know your competition.

Knowing what your competition does helps you identify their weaknesses and strengths. Also, checking out what your competition is doing can help you develop ideas on what you can do for your Twitter account. Wendy’s uses its Twitter account to engage in light banter with its competitors KFC and Burger King.

3. Identify your audience.

The audience for Twitter varies differently than that of Facebook and Instagram. You want to push out content that the Twitter community would appeal to. Long-winded texts are a no-go. Visuals sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Knowing who you’re targeting can help you focus on creating real-value content. Goldfarb & Associates Inc. uses Twitter to post their weekly product inventory, share relevant and funny GIFs, and introduce new employees to their company.

4. Integrate Twitter with the overall strategy.

Working in silos is never good, especially when social media is concerned. You want a team of people working collectively to ensure messages are consistent throughout all social media channels. You can have different teams working for specific platforms, but they all need to stay connected. Lamborghini uses up to 8 social media platforms, including Weibo & WeChat, to engage with their users, ensuring that messages across all these platforms are the same.

5. Keep your account unique.

While you can post the same content across all your social media networks, you need to fine-tune it to fit the platform you’re publishing it on. While it may seem like a nice shortcut, it will cost your engagement and authenticity. With Twitter, ensure that all of the content is within the character limit. Make it light and make it to the point. Doritos uses its account differently from its competitors by adding a little sass and personality to their tweets, asking questions to users to incite fun responses and comments.

6. Use valuable Twitter tools.

There are plenty of tools out there that help you manage Twitter marketing at a scale. Hootsuite has a 40-strong list of tools to use for various purposes, from generating leads, finding the right influencers, as well as managing your followers. You can opt for the free or paid versions, depending on which part of the Twitter funnel you’re at and the goals you want to achieve through your Twitter account.

7. Using a variety of multimedia to drive engagement

According to a survey conducted by Twitter, 82 percent of users prefer watching video content on Twitter. If this is any indication that multimedia will continue to dominate user viewing preferences, then you better get a team to create good and high-quality multimedia content, from videos to GIFs. GIFs, for example, have garnered over 100 million shares on Twitter alone. They are the go-to option to add some fun to your brand.

8. Engage with your audience.

Of course, this is the cardinal rule for social media. Engagement, engagement, engagement is what social media is all about. Twitter and other social platforms are all designed to connect and engage, so don’t forget this in your marketing plans. Follow your networks, because your followers’ tweets provide a wealth of information. Respond to queries quickly, retweet, follow, and link because it keeps your followers happy. Use @mentions and tag people where it’s appropriate. You want to maintain an interactive presence on Twitter.

9. Monitor your brand and your business.

Monitoring your social presence is vital to keep an eye out for the on-ground and online sentiment toward your brand and mitigate any issues that may crop up. Monitoring also means looking at your competitor’s Twitter accounts to see what they are sharing, and also what people are saying about them.

10. Use various strategies.

Apart from the above, you can also delve deep into advanced marketing tactics to get your Twitter reaching out to the millions. You can advertise on Twitter or host a Twitter chat with a specific hashtag for followers to join. You can even share live videos on Twitter. You can also use Twitter Moments to curate your biggest and most far-reaching tweets, so those visiting your site have easy access to tweets categorized by specific information.

You can offer social customer service support by turning Twitter into a customer service platform for users to Tweet you with their concerns. For every tweet you respond to, the mileage you receive is enormous.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, make your Twitter account a platform for meaningful engagement. It’s not about tweeting about your brand, how amazing your products are, or just tweeting things about the business. Talk, respond, like, retweet, and create a community on Twitter that your followers will love, and one where you can have a sustainable following.





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