10 Proven Tips to Optimize an eCommerce Business

10 Proven Tips to Optimize an eCommerce Business

Seeing Into the Future: Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?Unless you are closing deals with every customer that comes to your online store (or even if you do), you need to constantly improve your online store.

In this blog post, you’re going to learn ten practical eCommerce optimization tips to help you maximize your eCommerce conversion rate and increase your revenue.

With the online industry becoming more lucrative (by the end of 2021, online sales are expected to reach $4.479 billion), it’s important to have an effective e-commerce marketing plan to help you grow your online business.

Follow these guidelines for creating good eCommerce websites to optimize your business for profit.

1.   Understand Your Target Audience

The very first thing you want to do before you get started with your online store optimization is to know your customers.

Once you understand your customers, it would be easier to optimize your eCommerce business to suit their needs.

In that case, you want to solicit feedback from them so you can serve them better.

Generating customer feedback isn’t a difficult thing to do.

Here are a few ways to get feedback from your customers.

  • Statics by Assignment Help show that customers read reviews by other customers before they make a purchase decision. You can ask a few of your customers to test your products then give feedback so you can take into consideration what they say about your products to improve your eCommerce business.
  • Integrate a Live Chat feature. Having this feature on your eCommerce business website could help customers raise their concerns fast with anticipation that you can improve and give them a better experience.
  • Conduct surveys through your e-commerce website. This is as simple as including a form on your website where customers can fill in information easily. You can then use the information to optimize your online store.

2.   Implement a Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

One of the powerful strategies to grow your online business is to create a conversion rate optimization strategy.

Once you know your customers, the next step is to know how you can drive conversions and grow your revenue.

Having a strong CRO strategy will help you achieve your goals.

Developing a CRO plan is simple.

You just need to start by collecting relevant information and data then evaluate it and see how better you can improve your eCommerce business to serve your customers better.

3.   Improve Your eCommerce Business Website Navigation

These days’ customers aren’t patient. They don’t want to be put in long queues when making a purchase.

And this also applies to online customers. When they come to your online store, they want to get what they want with ease.

If it takes a customer two minutes to figure out how the checkout process works, your e-commerce website will struggle with a huge cart abandonment rate.

To make your site easy to use, give it clear navigation.

Ideally, you want to improve navigation based on customers’ search.

For instance, you want to include links on the footer or header of your online store to make it easy for customers to get what they want with ease.

Here are a few ideas to help you improve your website navigation.

  • Create categories based on the pages your customers visit the most.

You can achieve this by installing the Google Analytics tool. This tool will help you know pages that are visited the most by your customers, where your customers are coming from and the bounce rate of your e-commerce website.

  • Find out how customers are interacting with your website. You can use heat mapping tools to know how customers are using your e-commerce business website.

4.   Optimize Your eCommerce Store for Mobile

As a rule, your online store should cater to all customers.

Think about it. 52.03% of the global website traffic comes from mobile phones.

Studies suggest that more than 62% of users browse the internet via their mobile phones. And that’s not all. 57% of online customers say that they can’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.

What these numbers suggest is that your e-commerce business website must be easy to use on mobile.

A mobile-friendly eCommerce website is not only easy to navigate but makes it easy for customers to purchase products fast.

Keep your images compressed and keep your web page loading speed under 2 seconds.

5.   Price Your Products Properly

When it comes to how to increase sales on your online store, you want to optimize your pricing.

In that case, you want to experiment with different tweaks until you get the best way to optimize your pricing.

One of the tricks big eCommerce companies make is to compare two products side by side.

Here is how it works. You find high-priced products related to yours then compare with the lower-priced products on your online store.

This is the strategy that helped Williams-Sonoma to sell their breadmakers.

The company compared their lower-priced breadmaker against a premium version and this increased sales and popularity of their items.

10 Proven Tips to Optimize an eCommerce Business

Another way to optimize your product pricing is to use a visible CTA.

How visible or well-placed your CTA is will make or break your effort to increase sales and grow your online business.

You can achieve this by using action words or telling potential customers what to do after finding the products they are looking for.

Use action words like “Add to Cart”, “Buy Now”, “Sign Up Now” etc.

You also need to make sure your CTA can be seen easily once a user comes to your online store. Customers don’t have the time to start searching for your CTA button. Use a different and visible color for your CTA button.

6.   Optimize Your eCommerce Homepage

To get your eCommerce homepage optimization right, you need to make it as impressive as possible.

Your eCommerce website homepage is the first place customers will land on so you want to give them a good impression of your online business immediately they come.

Don’t include too many things on this page. Keep it simple and easy to navigate else customers will bounce back immediately when they land on your website.

A good rule of thumb is to feature a few of the top-selling products using sliders or banners.

You also want to tell users what to do immediately when they find products they are looking to buy but adding a CTA on your products.

You may also want to link your homepage to other important pages to help customers to easy access those pages.

7.   Optimize Your Product Pages

The last mistake you want to make on your product pages is to force customers to buy your items. You also don’t want to give customers a hard time looking for products they want to buy.

Make it easy for customers to find new products they are interested to buy using breadcrumbs.

Take a look at how Amazon does this and emulate the same on your e-commerce business website.

Another thing to do when improving your product pages is to use compelling and SEO-optimize titles for your items.

This helps your pages to rank better based on the targeted keywords which helps customers find products they are looking to buy easily.

You also need to use high-quality product images that show customers different aspects of your products. You may also show images with the product on different applications. Videos can help in that case.

8.   Use Email Marketing Automation

Email is a powerful tool for winning repeat customers and driving more sales. Besides, it’s inexpensive.

Email marketing can help with card abandonment. For instance, you can include a popup with a coupon to keep abandoning visitors interested in your products.

Automating your email marketing campaigns can help you in many ways.

For example, you can welcome new customers, win back disengaged ones, or reward your loyal customers.

10 Proven Tips to Optimize an eCommerce Business

9.   Collect Data That Matter the Most

To understand your customers better and perform your online store optimization the right way, you need to collect relevant data.

Take advantage of the available analytical tools or use CRM surveys to collect data that can help you know how to optimize your eCommerce business website.

10.   Publish Unique Website content

Of course, you want to stand out on all aspects of your eCommerce business. For instance, your images need to be unique. The content you publish also needs to be unique.

You can use your competitors’ websites to get inspiration on how you can publish content on your website.

Just make sure you get as creative and informative as you can to stay apart from the crowd.

Final Word

So there you have it. Ten proven tips to optimize an eCommerce business website. If you were looking for ideas on how to optimize your website, we hope this article helps.

Take advantage of these eCommerce optimization tips to better improve your online store, drive more sales, and grow your revenue.



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